In-Home Laboratory Services

Avoid the hassle and the stress of going in for lab orders and have Total Healthcare Staffing take care of it for you in the comfort of your own home.

For Immediate Service Call (954) 234-0623

What's Included?

From start to finish, you’re in the best hands with Total Healthcare Staffing. Your lab draw be administered by a Registered Nurse(RN).

Appointments available 8AM - 12PM

Tuesday - Saturday

In-Home Concierge Lab Services + One Panel

1 Hour Starting at:

$49 / Additional Panel

In a world with an aging population, the demand for healthcare professionals continues to grow and offers exciting employment possibilites.

We connect healthcare professionals with open shifts at top facilities. Facilities get the help they need and healthcare professionals get the flexibility, freedom, and great rates to
enjoy life to the fullest.

Hear from Our Healthcare Heroes

Sarah T.,RN
Sarah T.,RNRegistered Nurse
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Working as an RN can be really tough with long hours and lots of stress. Total Healthcare Staffing gave me flexible schedules that seriously help me balance my life and work. The support they offer is fantastic—I feel like they really get what nurses need.
Sarah C.,APRN
Sarah C.,APRNAdvanced Practice Registered Nurse
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After 40 years of service in the military and at the bedside, I was considering retirement. However, Total Healthcare Staffing offered me the opportunity to continue doing what I love on my terms. Their understanding of my experience and dedication allowed me to transition seamlessly into a role that provides flexibility and fulfillment. I'm grateful for the chance to continue making a difference in patient care with Total Healthcare Staffing by my side.
Linda G, RN
Linda G, RNRegistered Nurse
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Total Healthcare Staffing supported me from CNA to LPN to RN. As a single mom, they helped me balance work, school, and family. Their flexible placements and continuous support made it possible for me to achieve my dreams without sacrificing time with my kids. Thanks to them, I'm thriving in both my career and personal life.
David S., LPN
David S., LPNLicensed Practical Nurse
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Coordinating childcare and our nurse schedules used to be a challenge, but with Total Healthcare Staffing's flexible options, it's become much easier. Both my wife and I work for Total Healthcare Staffing, and their support has been invaluable in helping us balance our careers and family life seamlessly

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