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As a leading healthcare staffing agency, Total Healthcare Staffing consistently exceeds quality and compliance standards established by the Joint Commission-accreditation. Our healthcare professionals are highly trained, qualified, and ready to work, and meet the industry’s most rigorous hiring standards.

Total Healthcare Staffing was founded by nursing professionals who collectively have over 30 years in the Healthcare Industry. This background gives us a first-hand understanding of the staffing challenges administrators face as well as the the need for talented and compassionate healthcare professionals.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to partner with healthcare facilities throughout the country that pursue a reputation of excellence. We strive to help our clients attain and maintain the highest level of in patient care while enabling our staff members to advance their careers with rewarding jobs.

Healthcare Staffing for the USA, Europe, Costa Rica, & Puerto Rico

At Total Healthcare Staffing, Corporation, we specialize in providing exceptional healthcare staffing solutions across all 50 U.S. states, London, Belgium, France, Spain, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. Our extensive network and deep industry expertise enable us to connect top healthcare professionals with the right opportunities, ensuring the highest quality of care. Whether you’re a hospital in need of specialized staff in London or a clinic seeking skilled healthcare workers in Costa Rica, our global reach and personalized approach make us your ideal healthcare staffing partner.

Benefits to You

At Total Healthcare Staffing, we’re dedicated to alleviating healthcare staffing challenges for both clients and potential employees alike. With our expansive network of top-tier professionals, streamlined processes, and unwavering 24/7 support, we ensure swift solutions tailored to your unique needs. For potential employees, we offer rewarding opportunities and a supportive environment where your skills are valued and your career can flourish. Trust us to handle staffing, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care and advancing your career with confidence.

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Culture-First Commitment

At Total Healthcare Staffing, our commitment to a culture-first approach ensures that our employees thrive, resulting in unparalleled service for our clients. By prioritizing a positive work environment and fostering growth opportunities, we attract top talent, delivering seamless staffing solutions and exceptional patient care. Choose us for a partnership founded on culture, care, and success

Our 6 step Process

01. Online Records and Automated Time Sheet Management

Alerts are sent to Clients and Our Staff with their respective schedules to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

02. We perform in-depth profiling ​

We ensure that all personnel are fully credentialed and compliant with State and Federal requirements. In addition to mandatory documents, we perform additional checks and administer necessary tests to ensure that we are sending you quality candidates.

03. We are 24/7

Our representatives are accessible by phone and online to meet staffing needs 24/7.

04. Electronic Management

Both employees and client facilities can access their records and manage and review schedules anytime and anywhere

05. Payroll Alerts

Once payroll is processed, you get an instant notification with a statement of your assignments for the past pay period

06. We are green

We believe that the greenest paper is no paper at all. Once a client is ready, we can give you the option to go paperless by using our web based system that gives you secure access to digitized information

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