Coronavirus (Covid-19) Temporary Staffing

We at Total Healthcare Staffing, Corp. (THS) are standing with you during this unprecedented time of disruption and uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are currently staffing Coronavirus (COVID-19) temporary and remote jobs.

Our Services Include:

Licensed Nurse and Registered Nurse jobs at Covid- 19 testing sites

License and Registered Nurse jobs for Skill Nursing Facilities (SNF), Hospital & Correctional Facilities

Contact Tracers

Administrative Personal

Customer Service Representatives

And Much, Much More

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We Hire High-Caliber Healthcare & Medical Staff

We provide our clients with high-caliber healthcare and medical staff by working tirelessly to attract and hire the most highly trained and talented medical professionals in the industry. If you are an RN, Respiratory Therapist, or Physical Therapist, then apply today – we look forward to having
you on our nursing staff team!

Close your resource gaps. Increase productivity. Drive critical needs. Ramp up or down as needed. Eliminate high salary costs and the risk of turnover.

Total Healthcare Staffing, Corp. contract recruiting service connects employers with caring professionals on a contract basis to drive patient satisfaction.

Never Worry About Staffing Again

If you’re a nursing home, hospital, clinic, school, jail or other institution with nurse staffing needs, you’ve found your agency. With access to thousands of highly qualified nurses and nurse personnel across the nation, Total Healthcare Staffing is able to quickly and cost-effectively fill your staffing requests with the right skilled personnel.